Jennifer Working, posing with Friends and sharing with fans.
jennifer-filming-with-marc-on-shipping-wars jennifer-out-with-friends-from-shipping-wars jennifer-posing-with-friends-from-shipping-wars

27 Apr 2015

Jessica’s New Look!

In: Jennifer Brennan

Looks like Jessica is now also a brunette shipper as well. Jessica posted a pic of her natural hair color and long curly hair, what a great look! Could she be a new favorite with this new look?
jennifer-in-hat-selfie-from-shipping-wars jennifer-with-low-cut-orange-shirt=selfie-from-shipping-wars

New Shipping Wars on tonight! From what see, there is a lot going on! “Todd and Tamera prove they are not superheros when they struggle to haul Batman’s cape worn by Val Kilmer. Jenn dreams of a singing career as she ships a recording console from the 70′s.”

jennifer-driving-with-her-tongue-out-from-shipping-wars jennifer-with-marc-in-selfie-from-shipping-wars

Pretty funny show, Jennifer shipping tigers. You learn that lesson right away, don’t stand at the wrong end of a tiger – you’ll get sprayed! Pretty funny, but Jennifer has been around animals, so not that big of a deal.
jennifer-on-shipping-wars-hauling-tigers jennifer-selfie-with-red-lips-and-nails-shipping-wars

1 Apr 2015

New Shipping Wars this Week?

In: Jennifer Brennan

We think there is a new Shipping Wars episode this week – stay tuned!
jennifer-tight-red-top-selfie-from-shipping-wars jennifer-tight-texas-shirt-and-hat-from-shipping-wars

Jennifer celebrating St. Patricks Day, with special guest Mark from Shipping Wars!
jennifer-celebrating-st-patricks-day-kiss-shipping-wars jennifer-celebrating-st-patricks-day-kiss-shipping-wars-2 jennifer-with-mark-celebrating-st-patricks-day-shipping-wars

Still enjoying the new shows and keeping up with these two great shippers!
jessica-with-fans-of-shipping-wars jennifer-doing-promo-work-for-shipping-wars jennifer-and-jessica-working-together-on-shipping-wars jessica-blonde-hair-in-car-from-shipping-wars

Jennifer is all over the place. Busy working or hanging out with friends.
jennifer-backstage-with-band-from-shipping-wars jennifer-selfie-long-hair-shipping-wars jennifer-shipping-wars-selfie-with-sunglasses jennifer-texas-shirt-shipping-wars jennifer-trying-shoes-great-tight-white-top-shipping-wars

21 Feb 2015

Great New Shows with Jennifer

In: Jennifer Brennan

This new block of Shipping Wars shows are great. Always like seeing Jennifer work.
jennifer-great-smile-shipping-wars jennifer-in-yellow-bikini-from-shipping-wars jennifer-great-lips-and-hair-up-from-shipping-wars

11 Feb 2015

Jennifer Just Had a Birthday!

In: hot, Jennifer Brennan

Jennifer just had a birthday and celebrated with a cake from her film crew. Hoping she is filming new episodes!
jennifer-low-cut-red-shirt-shipping-wars jennifer-with-birthday-cake-from-shipping-wars jennifer-brennan-birthday-from-shipping-wars