Jennifer is all over the place. Busy working or hanging out with friends.
jennifer-backstage-with-band-from-shipping-wars jennifer-selfie-long-hair-shipping-wars jennifer-shipping-wars-selfie-with-sunglasses jennifer-texas-shirt-shipping-wars jennifer-trying-shoes-great-tight-white-top-shipping-wars

21 Feb 2015

Great New Shows with Jennifer

In: Jennifer Brennan

This new block of Shipping Wars shows are great. Always like seeing Jennifer work.
jennifer-great-smile-shipping-wars jennifer-in-yellow-bikini-from-shipping-wars jennifer-great-lips-and-hair-up-from-shipping-wars

11 Feb 2015

Jennifer Just Had a Birthday!

In: hot, Jennifer Brennan

Jennifer just had a birthday and celebrated with a cake from her film crew. Hoping she is filming new episodes!
jennifer-low-cut-red-shirt-shipping-wars jennifer-with-birthday-cake-from-shipping-wars jennifer-brennan-birthday-from-shipping-wars

Some great selfie and On-the-Road Pics of Jennifer.
jennifer-brenna-lips-in-yankees-hat-shipping-wars jennifer-texas-cow-girl-from-shipping-wars jennifer-in-the-desert-shipping-wars jennifer-filming-shipping-wars-broken-gas-pump

21 Jan 2015

Jennifer Modeling Photos

In: hot, Jennifer Brennan

Some great pictures of Jennifer modeling.
jennifer-in-tight-shirt-on-a-bridge-shipping-wars jennifer-in-tight-texas-shirt-with-blue-sky-shipping-wars jennifer-at-an-event-modeling-tight-camo-shirt-shipping-wars jennifer-tight-shirt-and-jeans-shipping-wars

13 Jan 2015

Jennifer Sharing with Her Fans

In: Jennifer Brennan

Jenn does a great job of sharing with her fans all kinds of news. Filming the show, events she is at and general happenings.
jenn-great-smile-selfie-while-filming-shipping-wars jennifer-coffee-break-while-filming-shipping-wars jennifer-brennan-selfie-at-lunch-shipping-wars

14 Oct 2014

Jennifer Filming Shipping Wars

In: cast, Jennifer Brennan

We hope the recent pics of Jennifer on the road are her filming. Looking forward to seeing Jennifer and the other shippers return soon with new shows.
Jennifer-filming-shipping-wars-with-her-tongue-out jennifer-in-tight-white-top-filming-shipping-wars

While not filming, Jennifer is still staying in touch with her fans. She is posting many funny pics of her out and about. Some with friends and some just random somewhere, sticking her tongue out or smiling.
jennifer-from-shipping-wars-tongue-out-strapless-dress jennifer-from-shipping-wars-tongue-out-selfie1 jennifer-from-shipping-wars-strapless-selfie1 jennifer-from-shipping-wars-smokey-eyes-selfie jennifer-from-shipping-wars-selfie1 jennifer-from-shipping-wars-not-filming-selfie1

19 Jul 2014

Jessica Shipping a Giant Peanut

In: shipping

An 800 pound peanut comes up for bidding. In needs to be transported to a peanut festival. It is oversize, heavy and needs to get there in one piece. Jessica and Jennifer both try for it, but Jessica wins the load. She gets some help to load it, but it rolls off and gets damaged. She tries to add to her trip with a side load, but the pick up of the bikes never happens.
jenn-great-smile-selfie-while-filming-shipping-wars jennifer-loading-trailer-shipping-wars

A foam Hummer comes up for bidding, it needs to be shipped around California. One of the first stops for the transporter is downtown San Francisco. Jennifer tries for this load, but Jarrett ends up winning it. Bringing his bus and trailer through downtown proves to be a challenge.
styrofoam-hummer-shipping-wars styrofoam-hummer-shipping-wars-2 jennifer-right-away-going-for-hummer-load-shipping-wars jennifer-not-letting-anyone-have-the-hummer-jeep-shipping-wars jennifer-lost-to-jarrett-for-the-hummer-jeep-shipping-wars jarrett-in-san-francisco-with-the-foam-hummer-shipping-wars