19 Jul 2014

Jessica Shipping a Giant Peanut

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An 800 pound peanut comes up for bidding. In needs to be transported to a peanut festival. It is oversize, heavy and needs to get there in one piece. Jessica and Jennifer both try for it, but Jessica wins the load. She gets some help to load it, but it rolls off and gets damaged. She tries to add to her trip with a side load, but the pick up of the bikes never happens.
bidding-on-a-giant-peanut-shipping-wars jennifer-bidding-for-the-giant-peanut-shipping-wars jessica-wants-the-giant-peanut-shipping-wars jessica-wins-the-giant-peanut-shipping-wars jessica-loading-up-the-peanut-shipping-wars jessica-losing-the-peanut-load-shipping-wars jessica-paid-for-delivery-of-peanut-shipping-wars-2

A foam Hummer comes up for bidding, it needs to be shipped around California. One of the first stops for the transporter is downtown San Francisco. Jennifer tries for this load, but Jarrett ends up winning it. Bringing his bus and trailer through downtown proves to be a challenge.
styrofoam-hummer-shipping-wars styrofoam-hummer-shipping-wars-2 jennifer-right-away-going-for-hummer-load-shipping-wars jennifer-not-letting-anyone-have-the-hummer-jeep-shipping-wars jennifer-lost-to-jarrett-for-the-hummer-jeep-shipping-wars jarrett-in-san-francisco-with-the-foam-hummer-shipping-wars

Jennifer and Jarrett were both trying for the load of duct tape art work. Jessica wanted a piece of the action too. Jarrett was aggressive at the start with his pricing and scared both girls off the load. Dusty was messing with Jarret and dropping the price by a little, which ended up back-firing and stuck Dusty with the load when Jarrett wouldn’t go for the win.
jarrett-and-dusty-battle-for-art-load-shipping-wars jennifer-backing-out-of-the-art-shipment-shipping-wars jessica-wants-the-art-load-shipping-wars jessica-wants-the-art-load-too-shipping-wars bidding-on-duct-tape-sculptures-shipping-wars dusty-didnt-want-to-win-art-load-shipping-wars

Jennifer and Jessica right away go for bidding on shipping the American Strongman weights for the competition. The load is 15,000 pounds but everyone jumps in on the transport. Marc finally wins it, just beating Jessica by a little bit. Marc’s truck ends up being too big to get into the pick-up site so he rents a smaller truck to position his trailer.
jennifer-going-for-american-strongman-equipment-shipping-wars jessica-bidding-hard-for-strongman-equipment-shipping-wars bidding-for-american-strongman-equipment-shipping-wars marc-helps-load-weights-and-rents-smaller-truck-too-shipping-wars jennifer-says-marc-should-take-5-and-rest-shipping-wars

Some animatronic hillbillies are up for a one-day shipment to a fair. Jennifer recognizes these as the same ones Roy once hauled. She bids for an wins them, and can even squeeze them into her trailer. She goes to pick them up, video tapes how they operate and gets the help to load them. It doesn’t seem like the seller was prepared to load them or had them ready, but Jenn got them working and solved a few problems along the way. She did deliver them to the event, even with possibly a broken finger on a hillbilly. In Roy’s honor, she did well.
jennifer-bidding-on-hillbillies-roy-hauled-shipping-wars jennifer-loading-the-zombies-shipping-wars jennifer-not-giving-deduction-for-damage-shipping-wars jennifer-delivering-the-hillbillies-shipping-wars roy-having-trouble-with-zombie-hillbillies-shipping-wars

Jennifer and everyone else tries to ship a load of cactus’ made out of steel, that the buyer is using for art around his property. It is a large load, many pieces and all steel and have some weight to them. The buyer is having two different loads sent to him, where Marc wins one load and Jarrett the other. Marc is there ontime to pick up the load, but the seller doesn’t have them ready and he has to waste one day waiting.
jennifer-bidding-on-lawn-art-shipping-wars jessica-bidding-on-metal-lawn-art-shipping-wars jennifer-needs-flatbed-for-steel-cactuses-shipping-wars mark-and-jarrett-battle-for-cactus-load-shipping-wars jessica-done-dealing-with-dusty-bidding-shipping-wars marc-cannot-load-the-cactus-they-are-not-ready-shipping-wars

Jennifer wins the bidding for the butter sculpture, which seems straight forward, but problems arise. She needs to keep it cold and from melting and there is some attitude when it times come for payment and unloading it at the final destination.
jennifer-wins-hauling-butter-sculpture-shipping-wars jennifer-loading-the-butter-sculpture-shipping-wars jennifer-gets-load-cancelled-shipping-wars jennifer-getting-attitude-when-shipping-the-butter-shipping-wars

We have been getting to know Jessica, Dusty, Todd and Tamera in recent episodes and seeing their bidding style. They all seem to be competent bidders and have a similar method to winning loads. Hoping to see Robbie and Chris get back into the action on the show. We know they have been having a good time off and enjoying the spring and summer as they share their vacation pics with fans.
robbie-welsh-self-pics-on-vacation-shipping-wars robbie-in-bikini-looking-hot-on-vacation-from-shipping-wars robbie-welsh-low-cut-red-top-shipping-wars

The bidders all try for shipping an armored vehicle in Florida. Jessica and Mark are early in the bidding as they want to haul this car on a flat bed trailer, but the seller wanted it driven. Jenn is close to the pick up point and wins the bidding by going in low. She gets some training on it and in loading, sees it is too heavy for her trailer. She has to drive it to the customer herself.
jennifer-picking-up-the-armored-vehicle-shipping-wars jennifer-bidding-on-armored-vehicle-shipping-wars jessica-bidding-against-jennifer-for-armored-vehicle-shipping-wars jennifer-bidding-for-sentinal-vehicle-shipping-wars jennifer-drove-armored-vehicle-now-needs-a-ride-home-shipping-wars jennifer-trying-to-gas-up-the-armored-vehicle-shipping-wars

11 Jun 2014

New Shippers and a Russian Fighter Jet

In: bidding

We got to meet some new bidders in this episode. We saw Dusty and Jennifer battle it out for hauling a Russian fighter jet, a MIG-16. Jessica has a big rig and Dusty with a one-ton truck and huge trailer. Both went for the plane, but Dusty ended up winning after the price got too low and Jessica and the others bailed out.
jessica-out-of-the-bidding-shipping-wars russian-mig-plane-up-for-bidding-shipping-wars dusty-bidding-against-jessica-for-plane-shipping-wars jessica-no-stopping-for-fuel-in-her-truck-two-tanks-shipping-wars jessica-no-stopping-in-her-truck-two-tanks-shipping-wars jessica-bidding-against-dusty-for-mig-plane-shipping-wars