Jennifer got into a bidding war with Marc on a 44,000 pound load of old stone statues. They need to be transported by a truck and driver that can handle that much weight. Jenn tries to drive the bid down but got stuck with winning the deal. She ends up calling Jessica for help as her truck can handle the delivery.
jennifer-not-losing-to-marc-on-shipping-wars jenn-needs-jessicas-help-on-heavy-stones-on-shipping-wars jessica-suprised-jenn-has-second-load-2-on-shipping-wars jennifer-loading-stones-on-jessicas-truck-shipping-wars jessica-suprised-jenn-has-second-load-on-shipping-wars jenn-wins-shipping-stones-by-accident-on-shipping-wars

Flashback! Jennifer was bidding to ship a very fragile model sailing ship. The ship took 10 years to build and she has to transport it in her trailer and have no damage. While moving it into the crate, the seller damages a small piece, but they do get it loaded. She makes the trip fine and the ship is all in one piece upon delivery.
jennifer-won-hauling-the-pirate-ship-model-shipping-wars jennifer-unloading-the-pirate-ship-shipping-wars jennifer-bidding-on-ship-model-shipping-wars jennifer-picking-up-the-model-ship-shipping-wars jennifer-has-the-pirate-ship-loaded-shipping-wars jennifer-bidding-against-jarrett-for-sailing-ship-model-shipping-wars

Flashback to Bigfoot! In this episode Jennifer bids to haul a frozen bigfoot to a Museum of the Weird. She has to bring the seller with her along for the ride. They make one stop and end up going on a Sasquatch hunt at night, which turns up nothing.
On the unloading of the frozen bigfoot there is one mishap and the ramp to Jennifer’s trailer breaks. That final event puts a cap on a strange shipment for sure.
jenn-winning-bid-for-frozen-bigfoot-shipping-wars jennifer-on-a-sasquatch-hunt-shipping-wars jenn-bidding-on-frozen-bigfoot-on-shipping-wars jenn-doesnt-want-frozen-bigfoot-coming-alive-on-shipping-wars jennifer-bidding-against-johnny-on-shipping-wars jennifer-broke-trailer-ramp-from-unloading-bigfoot-on-shipping-wars jennifer-going-on-bigfoot-hunt-on-shipping-wars

Great flashback to this episode. Jennifer bids for a load of a single parrot. She hates losing animal loads to anyone else. She underbids everyone quickly to have them back out, but Jarrett stays in – but Jennifer finally wins it. She also picks up a side load of an old horse carriage as well to fill her trailer.
jennifer-bidding-against-jarrett-for-the-grey-parrot-shipping-wars jennifer-bidding-on-grey-parrot-shipping-wars jennifer-bidding-on-grey-parrot-shipping-wars-2 jennifer-had-side-load-of-horse-carriage-shipping-wars jennifer-under-bidding-the-others-on-the-grey-parrot-shipping-wars jennifer-wins-shipping-the-parrot-shipping-wars

14 Oct 2014

Jennifer Filming Shipping Wars

In: cast, Jennifer Brennan

We hope the recent pics of Jennifer on the road are her filming. Looking forward to seeing Jennifer and the other shippers return soon with new shows.
Jennifer-filming-shipping-wars-with-her-tongue-out jennifer-in-tight-white-top-filming-shipping-wars

While not filming, Jennifer is still staying in touch with her fans. She is posting many funny pics of her out and about. Some with friends and some just random somewhere, sticking her tongue out or smiling.
jennifer-from-shipping-wars-tongue-out-strapless-dress jennifer-from-shipping-wars-tongue-out-selfie1 jennifer-from-shipping-wars-strapless-selfie1 jennifer-from-shipping-wars-smokey-eyes-selfie jennifer-from-shipping-wars-selfie1 jennifer-from-shipping-wars-not-filming-selfie1

While transporting the suits and moon rock, Jennifer thought she had better pull over and check on them. The suits all seemed ok in the back, but the moon rock shifted in its case. She called the seller and got some advice on handling and reposition the rock for safe transport. She finally got the rocks and suits delivered safely to the destination.
jennifer-calling-to-move-the-moon-rock-shipping-wars jennifer-checking-on-space-suits-shipping-wars jennifer-checking-on-the-moon-rock-shipping-wars jessica-commenting-on-jennifer-shipping-wars jennifer-wants-to-get-paid-for-delivery-of-space-suits-shipping-wars jennifer-delivering-the-space-suits-shipping-wars

Jennifer and the other bidders right away go for shipping the load of space suits and moon rocks. The pick up is in her home state and she drops the price quickly to be sure she gets the load. The others bidders are scared off and do not see a profit after Jenn bids. Jarrett tries to stay in the bidding, but she beats him out by a small margin.
jennifer-bidding-on-moon-rocks-shipping-wars jennifer-battling-jarrett-for-space-suits-shipping-wars jessica-bidding-on-moon-rocks-and-suits-shipping-wars jennifer-picking-up-nasa-space-suits-shipping-wars jennifer-loading-up-nasa-space-suits-shipping-wars

19 Jul 2014

Jessica Shipping a Giant Peanut

In: shipping

An 800 pound peanut comes up for bidding. In needs to be transported to a peanut festival. It is oversize, heavy and needs to get there in one piece. Jessica and Jennifer both try for it, but Jessica wins the load. She gets some help to load it, but it rolls off and gets damaged. She tries to add to her trip with a side load, but the pick up of the bikes never happens.
bidding-on-a-giant-peanut-shipping-wars jennifer-bidding-for-the-giant-peanut-shipping-wars jessica-wants-the-giant-peanut-shipping-wars jessica-wins-the-giant-peanut-shipping-wars jessica-loading-up-the-peanut-shipping-wars jessica-losing-the-peanut-load-shipping-wars jessica-paid-for-delivery-of-peanut-shipping-wars-2

A foam Hummer comes up for bidding, it needs to be shipped around California. One of the first stops for the transporter is downtown San Francisco. Jennifer tries for this load, but Jarrett ends up winning it. Bringing his bus and trailer through downtown proves to be a challenge.
styrofoam-hummer-shipping-wars styrofoam-hummer-shipping-wars-2 jennifer-right-away-going-for-hummer-load-shipping-wars jennifer-not-letting-anyone-have-the-hummer-jeep-shipping-wars jennifer-lost-to-jarrett-for-the-hummer-jeep-shipping-wars jarrett-in-san-francisco-with-the-foam-hummer-shipping-wars