Jennifer Brennan is sharing some fun self pics with fans. We think she is back to work and filming new shows, fingers crossed!
jennifer-posting-selfie-while-working-shipping-wars jennifer-sticking-tongue-out-shipping-wars

12 Apr 2014

Robbie on Vacation and Sharing

In: Chris and Robbie, hot

Robbie is on some vacation and sharing pics with her fans. She posted some great pics and ended up in Myrle Beach!
robbie-from-shipping-in-white-bikini-looking-hot robbie-welsh-relaxing-with-animals robbie-welsh-blowing-kiss-shipping-wars

Jennifer has posted some pics and we know she is back to work, as she talks about hitting the road. Hoping she is filming new shows now. She will also be at the Jefferson County Fair this August for a meet and greet with Fans. She’s keeping busy!
jennifer-brennan-at-the-gym-shipping-wars jennifer-brennan-at-jefferson-county-fair-shipping-wars jennifer-taking-quirky-selfie-shipping-wars

Robbie continues to share with her fans during her downtime from filming. Robbie in yoga pants, at a party or generally having a good time she share’s all the happenings. We’ve seen her and Chris upgrading their trucks, at some parties and some great selfies from Robbie.
robbie-stretching-in-yoga-pants-shipping-wars robbie-jumping-in-summer-dress-shipping-wars robbie-welsh-in-tight-white-top-self-pics-shipping-wars robbie-showing-her-glasses-in-selfie-shipping-wars

Jennifer and Robbie continue to share with their fans what they are up to. They stay active and in-touch during the downtime between filming shows. We don’t have any news on new Shipping Wars shows, but it looks like the girls have some time off.
jennifer-going-to-get-her-nails-done-shipping-wars robbie-welsh-in-yoga-pants-shipping-wars jennifer-heading-to-the-gym-shipping-wars robbie-in-black-top-trying-on-hats-shipping-wars robbie-sharing-picture-of-her-in-hat-shipping-wars jennifer-and-her-friend-in-tight-shirt-shipping-wars robbie-selfie-with-curly-long-hair-shipping-wars

While we are waiting for new Shipping Wars episodes, or at least hoping they are filming we can get our social media fix. Robbie and Jenn are pretty good about sharing with fans, what they are up to, vacationing, events and even when they are filming.
jennifer-formal-gown-shipping-wars robbie-welsh-self-pics-shipping-wars jennifer-brennan-driving-and-sticking-tongue-out-shipping-wars robbie-welsh-shipping-wars-at-myrtle-beach jennifer-going-to-mardis-gras-event-shipping-wars

FLASHBACK! The summertime was the time for aggressive bidding, high prices and big loads. We saw jets, bids into the thousands and some unlikely partners. Great look back.
robbie-raising-the-bid-shipping-wars jennifer-making-summertime-stop-shipping-wars jennifer-loading-jet-in-summer-shipping-wars roy-picking-up-jennifer-for-help-shipping-wars robbie-with-summertime-curls-bidding-on-jet-shipping-wars shipping-wars-jennifer-summertime-bidding-on-monkeys-to-ship robbie-needs-to-find-big-summertime-loads-shipping-wars

The whole team goes for shipping a hot tub, that ends up having some drama attached to it by the owners. Marc is so close, and with Roy driving down the price, he still wins it. Next up was a crane for concerts and shows, all black, that everyone wants a piece of, and it ends up Roy and Jennifer stick it out. After some aggressive bidding, Roy wins the load.
jennifer-needs-big-loads-to-haul-shipping-wars jennifer-trying-for-profitability-shipping-wars jennifer-trying-for-hot-tub-shipping-wars jennifer-trying-for-hot-tub-bid-is-too-low-shipping-wars jennifer-bidding-against-roy-for-the-crane-shipping-wars jennifer-does-not-want-fun-loads-shipping-wars

FLASHBACK to this great episode. This is where Jennifer was battling Jarrett for a short trip and small load, live crawfish. A supplier has sold some live crawfish to a restaurant in Texas, they have to be transported live and make it there in the same day. Jennifer won the bid and has to keep them iced during the trip so they make it alive and are ready for cooking and eating.
jenn-bidding-on-live-crawfish-shipping-wars jenn-bidding-against-jarrett-on-live-crawfish-shipping-wars jennifer-doesnt-want-to-wait-to-load-crawfish-shipping-wars jennifer-has-to-ice-the-crawfish-2-shipping-wars jenn-helping-catch-the-crawfish-shipping-wars jenn-making-live-crawfish-delivery-shipping-wars

Jennifer revealed on the show that she is pregnant! She says she is shipping for two and everyone better watch out. She is looking for some easy money loads while pregnant and backed off a heavy shipment of fragile fossils. Roy won the load but didn’t win over the customer with his attitude.
jennifer-transporting-for-two-while-pregnant-shipping-wars robbie-happy-for-jennifer-being-pregnant-shipping-wars jennifer-is-having-a-baby-on-shipping-wars jennifer-is-pregnant-on-shipping-wars