Jennifer posting great pics and making them available to her fans at her store!
jennifer-all-wet-in-dress-from-shipping-wars jennifer-from-shipping-wars-on-a-horse jennifer-red-top-cowboy-hat-shipping-wars jennifer-tight-striped-shirt-from-shipping-wars

2 Aug 2015

Shipping Wars Cancelled

In: Jennifer Brennan

Looks like the show was cancelled, announced 7/30. Well bummer!
jennifer-brennan-mad-about-shipping-wars-cancelled shipping-wars-cancelled-tv-show-gone

Scroll down to the bottom of this list, showing all the cancelled shows.

We are hoping Shipping Wars starts to air new shows this summer. Jennifer doesn’t appear to be filming so we think a new season is ready or being edited now. She has been sharing some great selfies of her summer.
jennifer-from-shipping-wars-long-dark-hair-selfie jennifer-from-shipping-wars-mirror-selfie jennifer-gray-shirt-selfie-from-shipping-wars jennifer-shipping-wars-tossed-hair-selfie

19 Jul 2015

Jennifer Selfie Flashbacks!

In: hot, Jennifer Brennan

While we are waiting for new Shipping Wars Episodes, we can enjoy some Jennifer selfie flashbacks.

jennifer-driving-and-sticking-tongue-out-shipping-wars jennifer-sticking-her-tongue-out-hot-shipping-wars jennifer-fouth-of-july-picture-fireworks-shipping-wars shipping-wars-jennifer-tongue-out-selfie-funny

1 Jul 2015

Jennifer Sharing Summer Fun

In: hot, Jennifer Brennan

Jennifer is keeping her fans informed of her summertime. Swimming and staying fit!
jennifer-black-bikini-from-shipping-wars jennifer-shipping-wars-tight-blue-shirt jennifer-looking-great-in-picture-shipping-wars

23 Jun 2015

Mardi Gras Flashback!

In: Jennifer Brennan

Jennifer trying on some great gowns for Mardi Gras celebration. Glamorous looking for sure – but the white or black dress?
jennifer-brennan-from-shipping-wars-trying-on-gowns-for-event jennifer-brennan-trying-on-black-gown-for-mardi-gras-shipping-wars

7 Jun 2015

Jennifer Filming Shipping Wars

In: Jennifer Brennan

Some funny behind the scenes photos of Jennifer when she is filming Shipping Wars.
jennifer-and-jessica-loading-statue-shipping-wars jennifer-in-low-cut-blue-top-selfie-shipping-wars jennifer-on-her-back-with-tongue-out-from-shipping-wars jennifer-with-low-cut-white-shirt-selfie-from-shipping-wars jennifer-with-soap-on-her-face-shipping-wars

Few fun pics of Jenn, working and having fun.
jennifer-in-cowboy-boots-from-shipping-wars jennifer-in-tight-purple-top-with-crawdads-shipping-wars jennifer-long-brown-hair-showing-her-tongue-shipping-wars jennifer-promoting-tv-show-shipping-wars

Jennifer Working, posing with Friends and sharing with fans.
jennifer-filming-with-marc-on-shipping-wars jennifer-out-with-friends-from-shipping-wars jennifer-posing-with-friends-from-shipping-wars

27 Apr 2015

Jessica’s New Look!

In: Jennifer Brennan

Looks like Jessica is now also a brunette shipper as well. Jessica posted a pic of her natural hair color and long curly hair, what a great look! Could she be a new favorite with this new look?
jennifer-in-hat-selfie-from-shipping-wars jennifer-with-low-cut-orange-shirt=selfie-from-shipping-wars