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Jennifer Sharing with Fans, Her Working Out and Working Hard on Shipping Wars

Robbie Sharing Some Summer Bikini Fun

Jennifer Brennan Back at Work Shipping

Robbie on Vacation and Sharing

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Robbie from Shipping on Vacation and Sharing Bikini Pics

Jennifer Back at Work and Will Be at Jefferson County Fair

Jennifer Bidding on Shipments, and Trying to Make Some Money

Jennifer and Robbie from Shipping Wars, Bidding and Buying

Robbie and Chris Hauling the DC-7

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Robbie and Chris Hauling the DC-7.

Jennifer bidding on logs and a Plane, but Robbie and Chris Win It

Jennifer was bidding on hauling a Formula-1 car almost all the way across the US from Indiana to California. Jarrett won that shipment. She then tried for the bid of shipping a survival shelter, right to her home state of Texas, and lost to Robbie on that one too!