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Jennifer and Robbie Battle for Hauling a Spider

Jennifer Shipping a Wedding Cake – Looks Like It Got Damaged!

Jennifer bidding on logs and a Plane, but Robbie and Chris Win It

Jennifer shipping a carnival ride and Jarrett a Trailer

Jennifer passes on shipping a Delorean and a Giant Fish

Jennifer was bidding on hauling a Formula-1 car almost all the way across the US from Indiana to California. Jarrett won that shipment. She then tried for the bid of shipping a survival shelter, right to her home state of Texas, and lost to Robbie on that one too!

Jennifer lost out on trying to haul a metal sphere

In the most recent show we saw Jennifer playing in the snow and have in a good time. Things were not going her way, she tried to bid on hauling the red hot rod and then on the chicken coups- she lost on both bids.

Jennifer hauling the Simpsons

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Jennifer hauling the Simpsons

Looks like Jennifer is keeping her fans informed on what is happening on Shipping Wars. She appears to be all over the country and is filming now! Hoping for a full season of episodes and not a small batch of shows. She was somewhere and said she was in a creek with a snake! Yikes, [...]