Robbie Welsh

Robbie and Chris are new bidders to the show. They seem to have a larger fleet of trucks and trailers than Jennifer, Roy and Jarrett. They can really haul much larger loads and some unusual stuff too. They seem inexperienced but in the end they know what they are doing and they are hands on shippers.
robbie-in-dress-self-pic-shipping-wars robbie-in-hat-with-friend-shipping-wars
robbie-securing-the-spider-on-the-trailer-shipping-wars robbie-bidding-on-spider-shipping-wars-2 robbie-bidding-on-spider-shipping-wars robbie-gets-a-plane-ride-shipping-wars robbie-hiring-truckers-to-help-with-shipping robbie-bidding-and-winning-shipping-wars robbie-did-not-win-carriage-shipment robbie-commenting-on-roy-being-late-shipping-wars

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  1. Lyndsay
    February 22nd, 2014 at 2:36 am

    What is the name of the pair of Costa’s Robbie Welsh wears?????

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